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DVR - The New Frontier

Posted on July 3, 2013 at 4:10 PM
     My husband and I record our favorite television shows using the DVR feature from our cable hookup.  It happens to be a great way to keep current with your favorite programs, as well as allowing you to watch one while recording another.  A bonus, of course, is the fact that you can zip past commercials.  You can view an hour prime time program in about forty minutes, a half-hour show in seventeen.  Handy, yes?  Here's the new issue at our house:
     My husband is trigger happy.  He's so anxious to zip past those commercials that he winds up zipping way beyond the next startup of the program.  So he has to rewind, zip again, go too fast again, rewind again until he gets it just right.  By the time he's done outsmarting the manufacturers' plugs for the most absorbent diapers, the best smell-resistant deodorant or the most effective dish washing liquid to make your dinnerware sparkle, we could have watched the damned commercials. 
     When we're watching a recorded show that we know will have a surprise ending, like American Idol or the dreaded Bachelorette (yes I watch it, don't condemn me) I ask him to use the zip feature lightly.  Instead of his usual fast-lane four green arrows we negotiate the speed down to two.  There have been those times when he'll zip to the very crucial end of a show causing him to mutter an expletive then hit pause while telling me to close my eyes.
     So, there we'd be in our living room, Harvey with the remote pointed at the screen, me with my hands over my eyes until he tells me the coast is clear.  If he knows who won the sing-off or who got the rose he keeps it to himself so as not to spoil it for me.  And, it's that chivalrous act that makes me not bop him one with the remote.

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