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Boomer Humor

Posted on June 27, 2014 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (128)
Boomer Humor
            A Free Donut

There's a card in my wallet with my name on it.  It sits among my credit cards and my Wegman's courtesy card as well as my Barnes & Noble membership. Yet, this little red-as-a-STOP-sign rectangle of plastic bears four mocking letters: AARP.

When I first received it, questions zoomed around in my head. Is this just another example of this Boomer's steady saunter away from the girl I used to be?  Does it just compound the fact that nobody seems to be shocked anymore to hear I'm a grandma?   Or that clerks in stores the age of my shoes call me ma'am? Or that the fastest thing about me these days is the way my roots need a touch up?

Like everything else that accompanies this aging game, I tend to ponder.  And, in regard to this blasted red rectangle I've decided that, no, this doesn't mean I'm ready for my picture to appear on a jar of Smuckers jelly. Nothing against jelly.  I'm a fan. Better, I'm at a place in life when I'm smart enough to know that life's magic is in the sweetness of today. 

I belong to today.  And that AARP card should be green-for-GO and today it got me a free donut with my coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  Too many carbs, indeed, and way too much fat. But, oh, just the right amount of jelly.