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About The Tag Line

Posted on January 18, 2013 at 1:34 PM Comments comments (57)
   Today I thought I'd say a little something about my tag line...."Romantic Comedies With Heart." 
   To me, comedy without heart is merely corrosive.  Comedy has to have a core in vulnerability, just like love.  We laugh at situations that we can either identify with or imagine experiencing. 
    We laugh at the unexpected because it hits us when we aren't looking. Think about how sometimes you can't help but laugh at the slapstick antics of that circus clown getting a pie in his face.
     Often, love hits us the same way--when we aren't looking.  And, too, love's key ingredients include the situation in which we find ourselves and most importantly it requires our vulnerability.  
    So I chose the tag line with care. It is two-fold, as are my books. My stories come from my vulnerability, my heart  to yours, from my gut to yours.  I strive to make you laugh and to reinforce your belief in the gift of crazy, surprising, breath-robbing, heart-stomping love that can hit you at any time, anywhere, and as startlingly as a pie in your face. Thank you for joining me in these adventures!