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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Posted on April 30, 2015 at 1:28 PM Comments comments (155)
     With my new book, Restless Spiritdue to release soon, I've been thinking about ghosts. As a true Scorpio, I've had a life-long fascination.  Do you  believe?  Have you ever had an unearthly visitor? 
     Back when I was a kid, my cousin, Donna, and I spent many a time with a Ouija Board planted between us with our pre-teen fingers pressed onto the triangular device that was supposed to move by some spooky energy to reveal cryptic messages.  We loved it even though, yeah all right, we were the ones moving the device.  The messages were poignant to the circumstances of our lives at the time.  (Yes, the Ouija said, the boy I liked did indeed like me back. Yes, it was true that Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders was lonely like Teen Beat Magazine had revealed, and yes, he did get my letter.) Innocent fun. 
     Donna and I constructed tents using blankets slung over a clothesline and secured with rocks onto the redwood picnic benches from Donna's backyard dining set.  Her younger brother, Ralphie, was not allowed inside our tent, nor was my annoying little sister, Bethy, despite their protestations. We waited until dark some summer nights and with flashlights we sat in our special, though makeshift, place and made up ghost stories that scared us silly.  Every little noise made us jump and screech, the sound of the wind messing with the leaves on trees in her yard, the crunch of tires when a car drove along the side road.  Even the sudden song of Mr. Softie's approaching ice cream truck made us scream, perhaps cementing true the old adage. 
     But, beyond those days, my impression of ghosts and their existence has changed.  The experiences I've had are not the made-up stuff of tween girls.  No.  What has happened to me in my adult life in regard to ghosts has been more like having a radio with its power button turned on.  Being open to the reception of such other worldly visits has manifested some things that even my skeptic husband can't refute.  Dreams of my father giving me messages, the sudden appearance of a cardinal outside my window, the television changing channels on its own and landing on a station where a little girl is asking her father if he's okay.  A memento turning up in a new place.  Things like that.  Coincidences?  Some might say yes.  I say, no way. How about you? 

No Price Tag

Posted on January 31, 2015 at 11:48 AM Comments comments (11)

      With my fifth book in the hands of my publisher as we speak, I've learned many things along this writer's path and one of the most important is that being an author is never about the money. 
        A book is diligence and creativity and business all wrapped up in a neat 300-page package.  But, most of all, writing a novel is about connection.  My greatest hope is to touch others, evoke something in my readers, make them laugh and make them think, hope, reminisce, dream. 
       Today I received an email from a woman who read my most recent book, Letters and Lace.  She enjoyed the story and told me that the book gave her "hope that there's still a chance that she'll find true love."
       The thing is, once upon a time I had the same feeling of hope as this woman that wrote to me.  My husband and I (second marriage for each of us) are our own testament to a happily ever after.  But, before he and I met there were some genuine frogs that had hopped onto my path.  There were online-dating disasters and guys who lied about who they were and, God help me, what they looked like.  There was one guy who thought he was Fred Flintstone, I kid you not.  When he asked me if he could contact me again I replied in his own vernacular--"Yabba Dabba DON'T." 
       Yet, all the while a spark of hope flickered in my heart.  It is one of the pieces of myself that I try to pour into my stories and the characters in them.  I dig deep and do my best to put it all  on the page, the ups and the downs.   It's tough sometimes when dredging up pain of loss or disappointment or fear.  But, what abounding reward  there is when those emotions touch someone, connect with them.  And, for this there is no price tag.  
      Thanks, all.  


What's on the Horizon

Posted on January 10, 2013 at 11:29 AM Comments comments (110)
Hi Everyone,
I apologize for the delay in posting.  There were a couple of big glitches in my schedule, but I'm back and here's what's happening:
My next book, Letters and Lace, the first installment of my new series, Postmark: Ronan's Harbor Series, will release in 2013.  It takes place in a small seaside village, Ronan's Harbor, and the story revolves around an innkeeper, Sarah Grayson and her her prized "Cornelia Inn."  She's in the midst of planning her daughter's wedding at the inn, but when a complaint is filed against her inn's renovations, it stymies the process.  A series of anonymous letters arrive and they further complicate everything.  Throw into the mix an attractive newcomer to Ronan's Harbor named Benny with a sketchy agenda of his own.  Sarah and Benny are the last two people that should be a couple, but then who listens to logic when there's a band playing and the guy asks you dance? What fun!
Stay tuned, friends, and thanks for stopping by.
M. Kate Quinn